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Posted By : Branex User

Posted Date : February 08, 2023

Windshield wipers are vital to the safety of you, your passengers, your vehicle, and other drivers on the road. In fact, wiper blades are the #2 safety feature on a vehicle, right after brakes. We may not think about them regularly, but it is important that we replace our wipers every 6-12 months. To know if you need to replace your wipers you could look for streaking or hazing on the windshield, the rubber on the blade may start to tear, or even a chattering noise when you turn them on. Once you start seeing these signs, the wipers need to be replaced ASAP. We sometimes don't notice thee things until a snow storm or rain falls hits, so its important to check up on them before they happen to prevent any future accidents. We at Auto Glass Colorado believe the style of blade plays huge part in the functionality of the blade. Beam style blades are the way to go compared to traditional blades.


  • Beam blades have fewer moving parts than traditional blades, meaning fewer chances for wear, breakage, and replacement due to damage.
  • Beam blades have interminable pressure points, creating a much tighter connection between blade and windshield, no matter the shape of the windshield.
  • Beam blades are aerodynamic so even in high winds they resist being lifted away from the windshield.
  • Beam blades are one piece with no exposed parts cutting down the risk of clogs.
  • Beam blades are smaller and lighter, thus out of sight and less exposed to chances for damage. This is also a great aesthetic point.
  • Beam blades are crafted to fit modern, highly curved windshields. Traditional blades do not hug curved windshields as well, leaving gaps in coverage.
  • Beam blades are more durable than traditional blades requiring virtually no need to replace due to damage or defect. 

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