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Posted By : Branex User

Posted Date : February 08, 2023

To better our service for our wholesale customers, we are working to provide the most extensive inventory we possibly can. Currently we have access to Mopar, Carlite, Carlex, Crinamex, and XYG and hope to expand our OE and aftermarket options in the future. We also carry any clips, moldings, rain sensors, and universal moldings, all by either Gold Glass Group, Precision, or Marcy. We also carry a great selection of urethane that will fit any price range you're looking for! We carry u428 and u838 in DOW. The Sika glue we have consists of Global 30, Global 60, Mach 30, Mach 60, and P2G+ all in either sausages or cartridges. Finally, we have uDinitrol for our Dinol products. We also have primer, and activator for the products that need it and daubers are available for purchase to use with the primer and activator.